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Helping children love books again

Quizzito mixes paper books with games and technology to help kids stay engaged and have fun while reading.

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International contests with prizes for everyone
Every year, the Quizzito company organizes reading competitions for all its users and awards prizes for the best readers, the best schools and the best mentors.
Reading world records
Quizzito takes readers from 5 minutes reading to 50 minutes, and from 5 books a year to 50 books a month.
Boosting intelligence and school performance
Children who read books using Quizzito improve not only their vocabulary and language skills, but also their performance at school (as compared to other schools).

How does it work ?

Use the Quizzito Kiosk to turn reading into an entertaining activity by launching reading competitions on traditional paper books. Children read, answer related quizzes on the kiosk, and win different rewards each month.

Share your numbers with the world

Quizzito provides an administrative dashboard to follow and monitor a child's evolution, including the number of books read, and the degree of comprehension of each book. All statistics are accessible with one click!

Our experience
Our team has worked hard to provide the best solution to reduce a child's reluctance to read paper books, by mixing reading with playing, and paper books with technology.
Our numbers
We have encouraged 25,000 readers from more than 15 different countries to read more than 250,000 books in the last 2 years alone.
Latest technologies
We use state of the art technologies to evaluate the degree of comprehension of each child, including artificial intelligence to track comprehension level and performance.


We turn your paper books into games, so that your chlidren can read and take entertaining quizzes on the Quizzito Kiosk to improve their reading skills.
Our monthly rewards to the best readers within your institution will keep students excited to read!


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