Privacy policy

Date: 11.05.2018

The concept of Quizzito family application

The application Quizzito family aims to allow families to encourage their children to read. The Quizzito family app allows the user to promise rewards to their children in exchange for reading points. Each user has personal identifiers and can create accounts for 5 childrens. After reading books and receiving their credentials by their parent, kids log in to their personal accounts and answer quizzes on the Quizzito app or Quizzito family Quizzito family users receive notifications about their children's quizzes and points earned. The identifiers of the user Quizzito family are confidential.


Harizi disclaims any liability for misuse of the application or cheating. Quizzito can not guarantee that the user has read books. The user of Quizzito family is responsible for the supervision of the child in the use of Quizzito and Quizzito family applications. The use of the camera should only allow the user to scan QR codes for book titles or identifiers.

The data collected

The Quizzito app collects personal data about users: Name, nickname, gender, age, grade level, photo, address, phone number, email addresses.

Use of data

These data are used only by Harizi to establish general statistics on the reading and the users of the application.
The application Quizzito family was developed by Harizi, 8600 Dubendorf, Switzerland,